January 27, 2018

by: Bill Rom

In Softball there are typically 3 types of hitters:

  1. Contact
  2. Slap
  3. Power

No matter which type of hitter you are, training to develop better overall power will improve your performance. Harder hits find both more holes and more home runs, which ultimately lead to more wins for your team!

Here are my 3 favorite exercises for better hitting:

Inline Cable Chop

The inline chop is an important starting position for improved hitting ability. The chop forces you to develop stability in your lower half to create rotational power across your body. If you lack balance, the exercise will show you, and as you develop a stronger chop, you’ll begin to get more power to your hands during the swing.

Medball Hip Toss

A medball hip toss is where all softball players should start with medball drills. It teaches you how to load your hips and create the separation between your hips and your hands that creates a powerful and versatile swing. Before you move on to other medball drills, make sure you have established a powerful hip toss that you can consistently perform.

Rotational Medball Smash 

This last drill is the next step to creating a more powerful swing. Using the medball in a more similar position to how you swing, helps to develop hip and hand timing and power even further. The importance of this drills is that we do NOT need to go very heavy. If your bat weighs 2 lbs, using a 12 lb medball won’t carryover to improve hitting. Start with 6lbs work up to 8 and then drop down to 2-4 lbs just before the season to get the speed of the smash closer to the speed of a power swing.

The best way to improve as a hitter is to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, then to make your strengths as strong as possible and limit your weaknesses as best you can. With these exercises, you should be able to bring you hitting to the next level.

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